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    French Life Wanderlust

    Returning To France: Staying In The Loire Valley


    Every year, during my birthday in February, I’d return to Europe. However, for the past five years, work has kept me from being able to do this. In fact, I’ve only been back to Europe for pleasure twice since then (once in the Spring of 2011 and once in the summer of 2013). So I was long overdue. I’d been going back to London and Dublin last year for work but didn’t have extra time off for holiday. But this…

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  • Packing for Paris France

    Packing for Europe in Winter

    Determined to keep everything to carry-on, I've learned a lot about what does and doesn't work for travelling. Here are my some of my tips on Packing for winter travel.…

  • Living room view
    My Hygge House

    My San Francisco Flat

    Despite having a lot of friends in the city and it being ripe with job opportunities for the type of work I do, I've never wanted to actually live here. But…

  • Train Station Clock on Hygge House
    Everyday Hygge

    Time for change

    I wasn’t entirely clear what the change was that needed to happen to help me fall in-love again with this space and online sharing in general. …

  • Amsterdam


    For a city I had never had the desire to visit, I came away from Amsterdam completely smitten.…

  • feral-home-01
    Everyday Hygge

    A house of possibilities

    In 2009, I got offered a dream gig for one of my favourite companies in a city that I had always dreamed about visiting – Philadelphia. Despite not knowing anything really…

  • Copenhagen
    Danish Life Wanderlust

    Copenhagen Scene

    If a city could feel both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time to me, it would be Copenhagen. I know the city so well from so much time spent there…

  • Catalina Bag by Lo&Sons (Image by Lo&Sons)

    Packing for Summer Travels

    Next week I am headed home to Denmark and, as I do with every trip, began planning about a week ago to make sure I have the right gear and clothes…