What Hygge Really Looks Like

Hygge isn’t what’s shown in glossy magazines or top 10 lists and it’s not what’s sold in stores. This is what real hygge is and looks like.

Hygge Holiday Movie Recommendations

Bucket List of 101 Things To Do

Hygge House Updates

Sunday Rest

As someone who is a workaholic and always on the go, go, go, I realise that rest for my body, mind & soul is really important. Could dedicating a day off be the answer? Or even possible?

Karen Blixen’s House

Living well is more than organic fruit.

Day trip to Petersham Nurseries

Living Hygge

Hygge isn’t something that can be bought – it’s something that you feel. So if you don’t feel hygge, you probably aren’t using the word right. Here’s how one out of touch hygge girl got back into it.

My favourite suitcase & travel gear

Installing removable wallpaper

Santa Barbara, California

Creating a hygge guestroom

Whether you have a dedicated guest room or turning a corner in your studio into one, here are some tried + true tips to creating a hygge space for guests.

Making a Fairy Garden

Topanga Canyon House

Spring Asparagus

Palihouse Hotel

It’s no secret that Santa Monica, California is one of my favourite cities in the world. And although I might move away from time to time for work, I always…

Santa Monica, California

Returning To The Loire Valley

Packing for Europe in Winter

My San Francisco Flat

Despite having a lot of friends in the city and it being ripe with job opportunities for the type of work I do, I’ve never wanted to actually live here. But that all changed when I moved here in July 2014.

November Book Recommendations & Reading

Time for change

Amsterdam Guide

A house of possibilities

In 2009, I got offered a dream gig for one of my favourite companies in a city that I had always dreamed about visiting – Philadelphia. Despite not knowing anything…

Hygge Copenhagen Guide

Packing for Summer Travels

La Jolla, California Cottage

The Getaway(s)

Sometimes one just needs to run away. From normalcy, media, cell phone bars, people, routine and all the parts about being a grown-up that make you wish you weren’t one.

Learning to sew (take 2)

Venice Canals in California

My Santa Barbara Cottage