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May 2008

  • Everyday Hygge


    Once a week I’m going to post a collection of links and loves I’ve been using/reading/re-discovering. Here’s this weeks: Organic and Master Gardner (and all around great girl) Willi Galloway has…

  • Cutting the pies and cakes at the barbeque dinner, Pie Town, New Mexico Fair, 1940 (LOC), originally uploaded by  the Library of Congress
    Everyday Hygge

    Pie Town, New Mexico

    On one hand, I’m juggling the most wonderful, happy news and events and on the other, a mound of frustrations and headaches. It always seems to be this way; balancing the…

  • Everyday Hygge

    Friday Loves – Etsy

    These are my current favourites on Etsy. It took me awhile to come around to Etsy though I can’t tell you exactly why. For years I have been singing the praises…

  • DSC00191
    Everyday Hygge

    Simplicity in action.

    I’ve always believed in living simply, in living well and in not overly complicating any aspect. Since I held this belief for so long I didn’t realise that I had, over…

  • Green Living

    Green Cleaners

    \Green talk is all over the place and knowing where to start can be overwhelming and expensive. Not all of us can put on solar panels or buy beautiful clothing made…

  • cabin

    Cabin Fever

    This year has been about movement for me; December 23rd I moved into a home in Carmel by the sea then a month later headed to Ireland for over three weeks.…

  • Spring Fashion
    Fashion & Beauty

    Spring Travel Wardrobe

    Thanks to years of travel and hundreds of trips (52 last year and 11 so far this year), I’ve got packing down to a science – especially since I like to…