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Ebelskiver (or filled pancakes)

Photo courtesy of Williams Sonoma Growing up, ebelskiver was a welcomed treat. Depending on the season or what was on hand, the fillings could be anything from jam to cheese. With the cool fall weather and seeing pumpkins everywhere, I’ve been looking for a recipe for a good pumpkin filling. I actually found a Pecan Pumpkin Filled Pancake recipe on the Williams Sonoma web site (where I bought my ebelskiver pan a few years ago). Because I don’t have access to their pumpkin butter (and it’s most likely not gluten-free) and because I use my own gluten-free pancake mix, I’m going to have to experiment a little to get just the right filling. The trick with the batter is to make it lighter than a pancake batter by whipping the egg whites and folding them in. Other than that, it’s fairly easy to make ebelskiver if you have the pan and your filling options are limitless. So the windows are open, the cool breeze is coming through, and I’ve got some ideas on what to do. And just maybe I’ll end up doing them all (jam, cheese, pumpkin, cream cheese….!). Any other ideas?…


Strawberry Watermelon Drink

It’s been unexpectedly hot and humid in Santa Monica which, combined with moving and working, has made me one thirsty girl. And there’s one drink in particular I’ve become slightly addicted to – the Strawberry Watermelon Drink. It’s refreshing, it’s tasty, and it’s pretty healthy to boot. Here’s what you need to serve about 4 people: One 8oz pack of frozen strawberries (or use one basket of fresh). I like the frozen for when I need the drink to be really cold! 1 16oz Bottle of Evolution Fresh Pressed Watermelon Juice (or squeeze your own). I like this juice because it is 100% watermelon juice – no preservatives or sugar at all. Sweetener to taste. You can use sugar, Agave Nectar or 1 packet of Stevia (I use Stevia). Blend everything together in a blender or with a hand-held blending device (I love my Russell Hobbs). You can add ice for a colder drink (if using fresh berries) or add water if you want a more diluted drink (like I do). And that’s it!…

Cat + Dog Cookery

Eating Right for Pets and People

A few days before Christmas I popped into the Humane Society to drop off a donation but I’m sure you can guess how that works; I did leave a donation but I also picked up a dog! It was simply love at first sight and on the way home I promised to do the best for him I could. So I bought the best bed (he has issues with his back legs due to spending 10months of his life in a little cage), the best toys, the best collar, but most importantly, the best food. With the right t.l.c. the cold he had at the shelter went away, his spirits were good and he began to walk so much better. However, about two months later, I noticed that he had become hyper, had more puppy-like behavior, and would seem to tire so much faster after play. I thought perhaps this was because I was out of town for a week and all the training I had put in went out the door or that he was just becoming comfortable and showing his “true colours.” Today I took him to a wonderful Doggie Daycare for an evaluation to see how he…

Cookery French Life

French Yoghurt Cake

There are days when there’s a certain feeling in the air that reminds me of France. Perhaps it’s the brisk air outside, the neighbours wood burning fireplace that’s going or the fact that Amelie has been playing in the background all morning. Whatever it is, there’s a little joie de vivre happening today which has lead me to crave something baked right out of the oven and a little bit French. Since packing up and boarding a plane aren’t viable options today, I settled instead on baking a traditional French yoghurt cake whilst playing some Carla Bruni to keep me in tune. Let it be noted that I am not a baker; nine times out of ten I somehow fumble through a recipe and chalk the outcome to “experience” rather than a gastronomic treat. I keep returning to baking because there’s something about the basic process that soothes me. I do not own a blender, a processor, fancy knives or dishware, so every recipe I own must be basic and simple. The ingredient lists always come from the local grocer rather than an exotic food mart and the names of the recipes themselves are always pronounceable. I’ll never be a…