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  • Copenhagen
    Danish Life, Wanderlust

    Copenhagen Scene

    If a city could feel both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time to me, it would be Copenhagen. I know the city so well from so much time spent there yet…

  • Grace
    Cat + Dog, Danish Life

    Easter Thoughts

    One of the reasons I was most excited to return to Denmark was because my trip would fall during Easter. Despite the fact that I didn’t grow up in a religious household…

  • hat
    Danish Life, Fashion & Beauty, French Life

    Hat’s off On!

    Today’s agenda consisted of running errands around town on foot in blustery, cold, misty weather. Having worked this morning I was pressed for time in getting things done and didn’t want to…

  • Asparges
    Cookery, Danish Life


    I think the only (spring) food that Danes like more than their new potatoes are perhaps Asparges. After a long, cold, winter the spring is welcomed with everything asparagus; soup, salad, open-faced…

  • Ribe, Denmark Bike
    Danish Life

    Danes just bike

    She doesn’t know how much it weighs. Nobody she knows or has ever met could tell you how much their bike weighs. Likewise, she doesn’t know how far she rides each day.…