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  • beet fields
    Cookery Danish Life

    Sweet Beets

    Beets have always played a huge part in Denmark; it’s one of two major crops (the other is potatoes) and it’s also harvested for sugar (there’s even a museum dedicated to…

  • Provence
    Danish Life Wanderlust

    Frenchless in France

    Currently enjoying Linda Mathieu’s Blog, Frenchless in France in which her guest blogger, Emily is doing a great job of sharing Provence. I’ve only ever been to Provence in the winter…

  • windows-800x533
    Danish Life

    Open Windows

    Walking around at night in Amsterdam you appreciate the enormous windows on the front of every building. You can see inside most of them, and see Dutch people eating their dinner,…

  • Danish Life Decor Ideas

    White Rooms

    All the homes of my childhood had white walls which wasn’t because we were too lazy to paint or couldn’t agree on a colour; white walls are a common, wanted thing…

  • Advent Krans
    Danish Life Holidays

    Advent Krans

    In Danish homes, Advent is celebrated with the arrival of the season’s first decoration-a beautiful Advent wreath of evergreen boughs that holds four tall, white or red candles. The wreath is…

  • bike
    Danish Life Everyday Hygge

    The Biking Life

    I have been swooning, swooning, over my new bike – the Electra Amsterdam (which I just reviewed for Pet the Pretty Things). So much so that I keep it inside the…

  • IMG_5542
    Danish Life Wanderlust

    Living Souviners

    I’m a huge believer in not buying trinket souvenirs for a couple of reasons; first, they hardly ever support the local economy and second, you hardly ever use them (when was…