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    Coffee Break

    Scandinavians tend to drink the most coffee per capita although specialty, sweet, and flavoured coffees still aren’t as popular as in North America. The coffee here is usually bold, rich, dark and…

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    Danish Life

    Hunde Parkering

    All little towns and communities in Denmark have a village grocery which is often a good little walk to get to if you live out in the country. So if you have…

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    Danish Life

    Danes are the Happiest

    “Over the past 30 years, in survey after survey, this nation of five and a half million people, the land that produced Hans Christian Andersen, the people who consume herring by the…

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    Sweet Beets

    Beets have always played a huge part in Denmark; it’s one of two major crops (the other is potatoes) and it’s also harvested for sugar (there’s even a museum dedicated to it).…

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    Frenchless in France

    Currently enjoying Linda Mathieu’s Blog, Frenchless in France in which her guest blogger, Emily is doing a great job of sharing Provence. I’ve only ever been to Provence in the winter (February,…