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Decor Ideas

Movie Set Decor – Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

I can sometimes love a movie just for its decor though with Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day I confess I fell in love everything! Maybe it’s because I’ve been spending a lot of time with my BFF, Jessica, who is one of the most glamourous yet down to earth girls I know, but my style (both home and clothing) has been changing. And after seeing this movie, all I want is more hats, under pinnings, dresses and chandeliers! Amy Adams fashion in the movie is amazing though I have to say the item I fell most in-love with was the pink bow she used in the bathtub scene in her hair. Although I do want to get more silk gowns and robes like the ones in the movie and in this Frou Four Fashionista blog post. Just for washing dishes, you know. There seems to be a pattern of my favourite sets involving wall paper. This was the case in Antonement and now in the bedroom scenes in this movie. Did you see the doors were even wall papered? I’ve got to find a reason to buy some wall paper. And as much as I loved the set, I…

Decor Ideas

Paint Colours

One of my first flats “grown up” flats (in which I signed a lease and bought furniture) had the option of having any and every wall pained in any colour I wanted. And, being in Seattle WA at the time, I chose some bright but dark, cosy colours to offset the dark, cold outside. So I chose a bold mix from Ralph Lauren paint: The gray was in my office, the khaki in the living room, the red in the bedroom and the orange in the music/creative room. And, for the area and the time, these colours really worked – especially since I really didn’t own anything and needed colour. However, when I moved to Santa Monica, colour didn’t really seem appropriate for the beach side town. And my flat was so structurally charming that I felt it didn’t need anything – I was lighter, too, and didn’t feel as thought I needed something heavy on the walls to feel cosy. I wanted light and breezy so I just kept the white and ended up loving it. When I purchased my home in Austin Texas, it had painted walls in dark beiges and bright, annoying yellows. I kept most of…

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European Book Covers

One of my favourite things to do on my travels is to visit a bookstore for there’s something about British published books that are just spectacular. I’m not sure why there’s such a design difference since there are many fabulous designers and writers in America. Yet it seems to me as though the European counterpart is almost better looking in terms of design, style and imagery. Especially when it comes to home books. The above books have caught my attention in more ways than one. The Gentle Art of by Jane Brocket was a very large, beautifully covered book with charming stories and ideas inside – mainly geared to those who knit, I think. It reminded me so much of my friend Alicia, that style in look and content. Jane also has a web site called Yarnstorm. Falling Cloudberries by Tessa Kiros literally caught my eye – the spine on this is gorgeous. It’s the same size and style of her Apples and Jam book and beautifully done inside. This seems to be better liked than the Apples and Jam (and if you’re in the US, you should note that Anthropologie put Apples and Jam on sale for something like…

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Ikea Expedit Shelving Unit

My first few flats were decorated in nothing but Ikea since I, like most people starting out, couldn’t afford anything else. I also had zero style and liked the pre-bought simplicity they offered. But having to put it all together, not having it withstand (all my) moves, plus seeing every piece I owned in every friend’s house turned me off for a while. However, taking on a vacation rental for a couple of months left me without the built-in bookcases of my regular home and I needed something simple, white, and cheap to fill the space. Step in Ikea Expedit Shelving Unit. This unit is everywhere from boutique shops to mansions and for good reason; the clean, sleek lines showcase whatever you put in it so friends will ask about your contents instead of “is that Ikea?” It’s perfect in my living room for my very large coffee table books (and maybe a flat screen TV on top?) but I can see it being in a child’s room with the coordinated boxes for toys. The larger version would be the perfect room divider. And with multiple hacks for this unit (horizontal, vertical, stacked, black, white, with storage cubes or without)…

Decor Ideas Wanderlust

Hansel & Gretel Cottages of Carmel California

Carmel by the Sea, California was one of America’s first artist colonies and gathered momentum after the 1906 earthquake had many of San Francisco’s artists fleeing to the beauty and inspiration of Carmel. But it wasn’t until 1924 when Hugh Comstock built the above 280 square foot cottage for his wife’s doll collection did the town take on the fairytale feel that it’s known for today. It’s interesting to note that Comstock had no previous building/architectural experience and used no regular tools while he hand built the cottage. He simply had vision combined with will and away he went. The results were charming and extraordinary which made the other local artists crave the romance and whimsy he had created. After all, artists don’t want to live in boxes – especially not in a sea side forest town. So locals began to ask Comstock to build their houses and he obliged; building dozens of charming homes around Carmel which helped create a feeling of magic that people from around the world now come to see. Land was originally sold extremely cheaply and homes were built without great expense. Now these homes are worth millions (the average home sale here being about…

Decor Ideas

Movie Set Decor – Atonement

For about 15 years I’ve been in and out of the movie business and have had the honour of working on some amazing films in both production and set design. Because of this and living in Los Angeles, I go to a lot of screenings where I’m able to meet the directors and cinematographers, often pounding theme with questions from “how did you decide to set up that shot” to “where did your team get those fabrics?” These are often the people that make me swoon for when the two come together in that amazing way I often find myself so lost in their visual story telling that I forget to pay attention to the plot – which may or may not be a good thing depending on the film! But recently I saw Atonement and – even through grim scenes – was just mesmerized by how visually stunning it was (and the use of green. If you’ve been reading this blog you know I’m a smitten kitten for that colour). There are two interesting articles on the film’s design. The first is the story of the actual Tallis Home, Stokesay Court; how a woman inherited it and was drowning…