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Clothes Call

Growing up I had very little clothes, most of which were hand me downs, thrifted or made. I also had a very peculiar style, mixing strange colours and textures and thinking Laura Ingalls was a fashion model. When I began to travel at 18, everything I owned had to fit into one suitcase so owning a lot of clothes wasn’t important to me (lugging around dozens of books, however, was). This meant I had clothes that I didn’t really love nor knew how to make work because I never really took the time to understand clothing – it wasn’t high on the priority list plus I juts didn’t enjoy the act of shopping. I don’t like to hunt through racks or go from shop to shop. I know what I like and would often come away disappointed and frustrated – how was that fun? I also didn’t know how to put an outfit together or accessorise. So despite loving fashion, I didn’t participate in it. It was just too much of a hassle and I didn’t want hassle. It wasn’t until a few years ago I discovered a store that suited my sensibility and had clothes that fit me perfectly.…

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Comfy Travel Ahead

Today I hop on board a plane and this is my “I’m travelling but need to be comfy and not worry about security” outfit. I’ve worn it on the last several flights and I’m hooked. Why? Besides from being pretty (important when you step off a plane and right into a high profile restaurant with friends), it’s extraordinarily comfortable and practical. That’s right, comfy and practical without being a sweatpants combo. The dress is 100% cotton, doesn’t hug the body and no wedges from all that sitting. The knit sweater is warm and soft – perfect for those cold airplane rides (especially since you don’t want to be using those nasty airline blankets which they actually don’t clean that often). The boots are easy to take on and off with one zip but they’re warm and comfortable for long walks through airports, running to connecting flights or hailing down cabs on the street. And the bag? It’s huge, soft and organised on the inside for a day trip or just as a great carry on (and perfect as a pillow!). When I travelled across Canada last summer, I wore a simple black cotton dress and had a simple sweater along…

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Free People Blog

Although I’ve been a part of Anthropologie for years now (both as a shopper and as a seasonal worker – I’m on my 3rd store), for the first time I’m helping to open and create a store from scratch – in 10 days no less! The way the visual team works is just truly amazing. I brought in a stack of my Marie Claire Idee’s and Maison Cote Sud magazines for a little inspiration and with that, plus a few books, coffees and music, people were armed with ideas. From taking brand-new shiny tin buckets and spraying them to look old, to bowls filled with red rocks and our fish ornamets to placements of found furniture and trees, the store is starting to come together . I love being around the inner workings of the visual team; seeing how they take something plain and simple and transform it into something entirely different. I used to be good at this but confess I’ve become lazy over the years because it was often easier to buy, I didn’t want to commit to owning tools or because I just thought I was too busy. I also don’t like “Crafty” things which is what…