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Under the weather

The past two weeks I’ve found myself completely under the weather; strep throat combined with a nasty flu that just won’t go away. So here I sit this morning, achy, stuffed up and slightly cranky because there’s so much work to do, so many ideas going on and no cable to just veg out in front of. Look at that crank – I don’t do sick charmingly! However, I’m trying to find a way to just relax and rest so that this flu, which is going on week two, will go away. In between napping I’ve been looking for some natural remedies to help me try to recover faster and here’s what I’ve found: – Gluten Free Girl has a great post for getting better – especially if you have Celiac disease. I was given medicine that had gluten in it which made the whole things worse. Taught me to ask, ask, and ask some more about gluten. – Martha Stewart has a great article on how to take homeopathic medicines – Web MD’s article on natural ways to fight the flu. – I have no appetite so for me, it’s lots of Leek Soup which is easy to make,…

Green Living

Low VOC Paint

Photo by Yolo Colorhouse I had mentioned that about the current colours in my home, my dislike of them but the decision to keep them. And I was certain there’d be no painting involved. However, the yellow colour in my bedroom is driving me insane (and it seems like yellow rooms drive others crazy as well). Besides, I really want to get the green duvet from Brocade and it wouldn’t go well. I need paler, greener, walls. There are a couple of concerns for me when painting: low VOC and great colour availability. Usually low-voc paint doesn’t have that great of a colour choice or it’s hard to find. So I was excited to discover the wonderful Yolo Colorhouse. From their site: What makes your paint environmentally-friendly? VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are the solvents in most paints that evaporate and contribute to the depletion of the ozone. VOCs are also a part of the stinky odor in paint that is offensive and continues to off-gas which contributes to poor indoor air quality. YOLO Colorhouse® is formulated without the use of these solvents, as a result it is a 0 VOC and low odor, premium interior paint. What is Green Seal®…