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Easter Thoughts

One of the reasons I was most excited to return to Denmark was because my trip would fall during Easter. Despite the fact that I didn’t grow up in a religious household or belong to any Church (my father was French Catholic and my mum was Danish Lutheran – very different!), Easter was something that was always celebrated – all four days. Coming to America, it was hard at first to adjust to not having a Good Friday and Easter Monday holiday, to not have the big family brunches and gatherings. To just have a huge cultural shift over what I think is a really lovely (and for some, meaningful) holiday. My mum and I have been staying at my cousins house in the country where the weather has been unbeatable (clear blue skies and 20C/71F). Prep for brunch started days before; cook books were brought out, grocery trips were made, flowers were bought, cooking was done, candles were secured around. I was going to meet a lot of family for the first time and see others again. The night before I was giddy as a school girl because, well, the last time I had had an easter like this…

Cat + Dog

Holistic Dog Care

When the vet told me Jack needed surgery as soon as possible, I was instantly overwhelmed and felt completely unprepared. Even though my vet was fantastic at explaining all my options, the fact he was going out of town next week combined with the genetic problems Jack had that would complicate his current situation (torn ACL) left me having to make a decision extraordinarily quick. So on Monday I booked surgery for Wednesday, hoping that within a couple of days I could inform myself of not only the surgery (and if it could be avoided) but also any holistic and alternative treatments that could be done. I have found it somewhat hard to find the information I was looking for and then when I did find it, I felt really overwhelmed and confused by it all. I’m a “simple approach” kind of girl but then when I started to see all these ideas, supplements, food diets, options I just didn’t know where to start. Luckily I received some really good advice/tips on here (thank you, so, so, much!) and found some really useful bits online. So after a few days of it all, the following is what I’ve learned and…

Cat + Dog Wanderlust

Travelling With Pets

Since I travel a lot and own both a cat and a dog, I’m often asked what happens to them. Do they travel, too? Why yes they do! I’m a huge believer that both pets and children can be great travellers if exposed early enough and done the right way. When I first got my cat Grace, I lived in a studio flat on a beautiful tree-lined street next door to a park. So I put her on a leash and took her out for daily walks just to expose her to different sounds and situations. And since I didn’t have a car, I’d have to take her to the vet on foot which I did by putting her in a large cage that I carried through the city streets – again so she could see everything and get used to noises. She actually seemed to enjoy the outings, especially since she is 100% an indoor cat. She can do long car trips and actually loves being in hotel rooms (she explores then cuddles in). My dog Jack, however, was different. Spending the first 10 months of his life in a shelter, he had no idea about the outside world,…

Cat + Dog Cookery

Eating Right for Pets and People

A few days before Christmas I popped into the Humane Society to drop off a donation but I’m sure you can guess how that works; I did leave a donation but I also picked up a dog! It was simply love at first sight and on the way home I promised to do the best for him I could. So I bought the best bed (he has issues with his back legs due to spending 10months of his life in a little cage), the best toys, the best collar, but most importantly, the best food. With the right t.l.c. the cold he had at the shelter went away, his spirits were good and he began to walk so much better. However, about two months later, I noticed that he had become hyper, had more puppy-like behavior, and would seem to tire so much faster after play. I thought perhaps this was because I was out of town for a week and all the training I had put in went out the door or that he was just becoming comfortable and showing his “true colours.” Today I took him to a wonderful Doggie Daycare for an evaluation to see how he…