1. February 10, 2013 / 3:37 AM

    I loved Pinterest but gave it up again when I realized that I was beginning to feel the effects of visual and mental cyber overload, not to mention the time I spent staring at my computer screen. Happens so easily for me these days between blogging, FB and email. And I don’t even Twitter! I have always loved the internet and am still very drawn to pretty websites and good writing. But I am setting boundaries and Pinterest (and my blog) had to go as a result. Your boards look very hygge though! Of course 🙂

  2. Hygge HouseNo Gravatar
    February 10, 2013 / 4:08 AM

    Kerstin, as always I so hear + agree with you. I’m overloaded with the volume of content from every which way. I’m actually really disliking twitter for the most part lately, I’m not active on Facebook and blogging has been like once a year now 🙂

    My pins, well you can see most boards have like 3-5 🙂 so i’m using it more as visual bookmarks than of something i need to do or check. and that seems to be working.

    the only thing i seem to keep loving is instagram though.

    i am so amish about all of this. 🙂

  3. February 10, 2013 / 7:27 PM

    I just caved too, and haven’t decided if I will keep with it or not. I like your idea of using it as a place for my bookmarks, instead of in my computer.

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