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After two and a half years of literally no furniture or home bits, I feel as though I have everything I need; the sofa, a TV table, dining room table with two benches, bed frame, large linen trunk, great work chair, desk, guest chair and corner unit for office. The only things I think I could need at this point would be a side wall unit for my office (to house my very large printer and small airport plus books) and a couple of side tables (one for the bedroom, one for the office chaise).

But for the last three things, I am determined to do it as inexpensively as possible. There are some things I will pay money for and not blink twice (linens, bed, sofa) but for the tables, at this point, I just don’t feel justified to spend money on them since they’re not essential pieces and when I move, I’m not sure how they’d move with me. I’d rather do without than spend money on something just to “have it.” So at the moment this means I’ve been using plastic boxes covered with a pretty sheet I bought years ago to make due for the side table in the bedroom followed by an old farmhouse chair which is just too small for the printer.

However, over at Simply Green I found my solution; a book table secured with wonderful leather belts! I love this idea for a couple of reasons: it involves large books!

I haven’t owned large coffee table books before because they were always too heavy to move, too impractical to buy or just plain expensive. But with a great discount at a store I’m working at, I’ve been able to pick up a few very large books for this purpose.

So slowly but surely, my own coffee table book table is coming along. Just a few more books and then finding some belts and voila – a coffee table book table. Now, if I can just figure out something other than plastic bins for the bedroom…

alex at hygge house
alex at hygge house

Online since 1995, Alex was one of the first bloggers and has consistently been creating content, sites and communities to share stories that matter. In 2004 she created Hygge House to embrace her Danish heritage by sharing thoughts and inspiration on living well and simply. In 2001 Alex Immigrated to America and currently resides in a 1900’s converted barn on a ranch in the Santa Barbara California mountains.

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