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I’ve written here before on my Etsy Finds and also on Pet the Pretty Things (where I actually highlight some of the things I’ve bought). Like so many I’ve found that it’s a great resource for finding almost anything I need; it’s been my first and last search stop for numerous things. When I needed a bit of art, the perfect photo turned up. When I need a key chain, I discovered a great one and bought two. A shelf for the entrance way, a bag for dog business, all there.

My current favourite items are listed above and you can find my favourite sellers here. Just click an image and you’ll be directed right to the artist’s shop. And if you have any fav’s, let me know.

Happy Etsy’ing!

P.S.: I hope to get some prints up in my Etsy store by the end of the month in time for the Holidays.


  1. Oh! What great finds! I love Etsy – we just ordered some wooden toys for our son’s first birthday from Etsy and can’t wait until they arrive. Some of my favourites are Roadside Projects:, Allergic to Chocolate: and While She Naps:

  2. Looks like we have many similar favorites! I bought the Terry Graziano ‘Sweetheart’ hat in candy box (light brownish pink) as a birthday present for myself in May. It’s utterly adorable, but I think I might need that lovely navy blue version she has now…

    I’m always astounded by how many wonderful shops there are on etsy, especially for art prints. I plan to do all of my holiday shopping from there this year, hopefully then my friends and family will finally check it out themselves.

  3. Two of my favorite sellers are: papermoongallery (very whimsical) and staroftheeast (had a custom, white sea urchin pendant made…from Turkey!).

    E. :)

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