If it takes a village, here are their numbers.

They say it takes a village to raise a child and that holds true if your child is a 1941 Bungalow that needs some TLC. However, putting that village can be hard – especially if you’re new to an area like myself. It can also be overwhelming to think of all the people you’ll need (plumbers, electricians, tree trimmers!) and all their contact info. To keep myself sane whilst finding good people, I began to keep an old fashioned list.

Oh, I know there’s Blackberrys and this program and that and address books but for me, a simple little word file to collect all the word of mouth references has worked best. Especially since a lot of info really has been word of mouth; no internet research going on for the most part. I needed a place to transfer all my scribbled notes.

So after asking my Realtor (who is like the Welcome Wagon) for referrals since she’s had work done on her home and rental properties, and after asking my contractor (who was referred by said realtor) for referrals for electricians and asking the electrician for a referral for cable… (tradespeople work with tradespeople so if you find a good one, ask who they work with) I had a pretty nice little village of people ready to help {at a price of course…}.

In any event, here’s how I keep my list:


Name: Margaret Denena
Notes: Sold us our home in September 2006

Contact: Melissa Guthrie

Company: Flatcreek Cabinet Company
Contact: John Kilventon
Phone: 512.470.4249
Recommended by: Margaret
Notes: Will do asbestos pipe removal, quote us on new back door.

Company: Marshall Ford Group
Contact: Todd
Phone: 512.698.8787
Recommended by: Margaret’s clients
Notes: Will update box and get wire higher. Great guy to know; helped with washer hose issue. Does a little plumbing on the side but not licensed for that. Highly recommended.

Company: CJ Electric
Contact: Chance Bell
Phone: 512.468.5907
Recommended by: Sellers
Notes: came out to do estimate on electrical work per sellers. Didn’t trust him and decided not to use him.


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