Movie Decor to Adore

Movie Decor to Adore

Watching the outtakes from Amelie reminded me how visually stunning that movie is and how much I wanted her flat (who didn’t want her red infused bedroom? I obsessed over the wall colour for months) . This isn’t the first movie to charm me with beautiful home decor, however. Here’s my list for most beautifully inspiring movies for home (even if they story lines aren’t!):

1. Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain (Amélie); a cleaned up, colour-corrected world with a focus on green, yellow and red (especially red in her flat).
2. Moulin Rouge!
3. Evening
4. Uptown Girls (Molly’s Bedroom – another red room with a gorgeous bed)
5. Sense & Sensibility
6. Pride & Prejudice; makes me want a cottage in the country with massive tended grounds.
7. Marie Antoinette ; the details, the colours, the food oh my.
8. Giant; the transformation of the Ranch amazes me
9. The Family Stone – the large, messy, lived-in realness to it combined with that kitchen.
10. The Others
11. Finding Neverland – the cottage.
12. Henry & June
13. The Secret Garden
14. About a Boy
16. The Lake House
17. Great Expectations (with Gwyneth Paltrow). All that use of green – beautiful.

(Since I often get to work on film sets I tend to fall in-love with a movie first visually. I think secretly though, I want to be a cinematographer like Lajos Koltai (or just work with him once).

alex at hygge house
alex at hygge house

Online since 1995, Alex was one of the first bloggers and has consistently been creating content, sites and communities to share stories that matter. In 2004 she created Hygge House to embrace her Danish heritage by sharing thoughts and inspiration on living well and simply. In 2001 Alex Immigrated to America and currently resides in a 1900’s converted barn on a ranch in the Santa Barbara California mountains.


  1. LoriNo Gravatar
    December 27, 2007 / 2:41 PM

    hmmmm…I first must say I love your site. As a frumpy mid lifer in Buffalo, it may be hard to imagine that we think anywhere along the same lines….but I think we do. I fall in love with movie sets too. I loved the house in “Father of the Bride” (the remake with Steve Martin and Diane Keaton), but my favorite house is “Something’s Gotta Give” (also Diane Keaton)–her beach front home in the Hampton’s was scrumptious on every level. I’d freeze frames and study the black soap stone countertops, the woven striped cotton rug, the play of dark and light throughout and the view! Argh–I’m getting myself worked up. All I want now is to de-Christmas my place and start to re-order things. No matter how bold your intentions, Christmas makes a mess! I’m so glad to be done with the cooking, crafting and decorating and ready to take on 2008. Wishing you a wonderful year and much happiness in your new digs! Thanks for inspiration!

  2. KathyNo Gravatar
    October 19, 2009 / 4:02 PM

    I love the beach house in Something’s Gotta Give. I’ve trying to find some of the artwork from the movie, especially the beach scene in the living room. I think it’s called rockaway beach. I can’t find anything. Can anyone help?

  3. BevNo Gravatar
    October 21, 2009 / 5:11 PM

    Kathy, I found a place for the Rockaway oil painting and some of the others. They’re called canvas replicas out of utah. Love the beach house!

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