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My Bucket List of 101 Things To Do

January 13, 2013
My Bucket List on Hygge House

In March 2008 I re-discovered a forgotten list of 30 things I had set out to do in my 30th year and was happy to discover that I had done most of the things on that bucket list. But looking at the un-checked items, I began to think of a lot more things I wanted to do in my lifetime. And so, my bucket list of 101 things to do before I die was born.

Writing a bucket list of 101 things was actually harder than I thought it would be because I wanted a mix of audacious ideas and easily obtainable. Some exciting and some mundane. I found myself judging a lot of items on the list with either that’s stupid or that’s not possible. It wasn’t until I let go of that that I had created my perfect list.

Over the years, I’ve regularly gone back to it to see what I can check off. Some things I can totally plan for and some things I just happen when they happen. However, I’ve noticed the theme of sleep and travel seems to be key themes so perhaps I should try to knock those things off first.

Here is my bucket list:

  1. Travel on the Royal Scotsman
  2. Stay at the Four Seasons Bora Bora
  3. Have my work have meaning like it used to (mentoring, building, giving, creating etc.)
  4. Live part time in America and part time in Europe or UK
  5. Donate over a million dollars over my lifetime
  6. Own/run a (gluten free) gite in France
  7. Have a maid
  8. Learn to sleep consistently more than 4 hours a night
  9. Better my penmanship and write by hand more
  10. Fly a plane
  11. Stay at the Ritz Paris
  12. Own a Fortnum and Mason hamper then have a picnic
  13. Take all my best girlfriends on a weekend getaway at once
  14. Own the best claw foot tub
  15. Have a dressing room or large walk-in closet
  16. Watch the sun rise over Santa Monica from sea
  17. Use only all organic/natural skincare and makeup
  18. Grow an edible garden (and actually harvest it)
  19. Drive a golf cart
  20. Throw a Shelter Co. experience
  21. Visit Africa
  22. Buy every book on my Amazon Wishlist at once
  23. Take a photo every day for at least a year
  24. Have weekly floral deliveries from a company like Tulipina
  25. Own a first edition of “Le Petit Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
  26. Make a tent like the one in the movie, “The Holiday”
  27. Make a difference
  28. Visit Moray Firth Coast
  29. Be on ‘Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me‘
  30. Do an unassisted hand stand
  31. Feel sophisticated
  32. Get a make up lesson from Lisa Eldridge
  33. Own chickens
  34. Be a mentor
  35. Own 2 luxury bags (eyeing a Chanel & a Louis Vuitton) then pass down to my nieces when they each turn 30
  36. Visit the Scottish Highlands
  37. Try the trapeze
  38. Make my home 100% green and sustainable
  39. Own a beautiful chandelier
  40. Learn to sew
  41. Karaoke
  42. Own a pony
  43. Have a gluten-free chef
  44. Own couture
  45. Ride on the roof of a train in Ecuador
  46. Learn how to really use my camera
  47. Volunteer with my dog
  48. Have a saline pool
  49. Read every book I own (I have a habit of buying without reading)
  50. Swing dance
  51. Have a stocked and large linen closet.
  52. Get a ukulele again and play it often
  53. Take Sunday’s off for at least a year
  54. Visit Gaspe Bay
  55. Have a massage every four to six weeks for a year
  56. Have theme music follow me for a day. Like in a movie
  57. Get rid of (and stop collecting) all moving boxes (Done June 2016)
  58. Love my home, my city and work – all at the same time (Done May 2016)
  59. Linger (Done)
  60. Have breakfast in bed and then stay there for the day (Done)
  61. Own a Rust custom ring (Done March 2016)
  62. Take a self defense course (Done September 2015)
  63. Own real Belgian Linen curtains (Done in 2014)
  64. Eat a great gluten-free croissant (Done 2014)
  65. Have the most comfortable, cosy bed. (Done 2014)
  66. Take a trip with my BFF (Done in October 2013)
  67. Try paddle boarding (Done in August 2013)
  68. Go back to Maui (Done 2013)
  69. Work for a non-profit (done 2012)
  70. Have a trip planned for me. Even just a day (Done 2012)
  71. Zipline (Done in 2012)
  72. Horseback ride on a beach (Done Feb 2012)
  73. Not move for an entire year (Done in 2012)
  74. Create a home that I adore (Done in 2011)
  75. Upgrade my camera (Done in 2011)
  76. Buy a pair of Oliver Peoples sunglasses (done 2011)
  77. Visit the Channel Islands (Done in 2011)
  78. Get a pedicure. (Done in 2011)
  79. Be met at an airport (Done in 2011)
  80. Have Babycakes again (done 2011)
  81. Swoon (Done in 2011)
  82. Cook/eat at home everyday for at least a week.(Done in 2010)
  83. Own Lightroom (Done in 2010).
  84. Unpack everything. (Done in 2010)
  85. Condense all my web sites and like at least 1. (Done in 2010)
  86. Figure out WordPress. (Done in 2009)
  87. Have better and prettier shoes. (Done in 2009)
  88. Stay at The Plaza and read Eloise. (Done in 2009)
  89. Buy and wear a pair of jeans (Done in 2009)
  90. Photograph for Anthropologie(Done in 2009)
  91. Drive through the East Coast in Fall. (done 2009)
  92. Eat Oysters and drink champagne. (Done in 2009)
  93. Stay at Hotel Particular Paris (done 2009)
  94. Have a stone home (done 2009)
  95. Cook an omelet that’s edible. (done 2008)
  96. Find a signature parfume. (Done in 2008)
  97. Speak French without having to hesitate or throw in an English word. (done 2008)
  98. Hire a financial planner (Done in 2007)
  99. Make someone else’s dream come true. (Done in 2007)
  100. Refurbish my farm chairs. (Done in 2007)
  101. Buy a fixer upper house and remodel it (Done in 2006)

If you haven’t tried writing a bucket list before, I highly encourage you to start one. Write it down somewhere where you can regularly check it. I check mine around my birthday as a way to get inspiration for what I might do to celebrate. I also check it when I’m feeling down as a way to get excited about doing something.

The most important thing is just to write your bucket list items down and then do whatever you can to make them all happen. It’s a great life pursuit.


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