Simple Inspiration

Simple Inspiration

people often ask me what inspires me and keeps me living a creative life. it’s finding beauty in the simple, everyday things i pass that others might even deem ugly, like a rundown building near a freeway entrance or an illuminated sign. i see everything around me as a source of energy. and being able to capture those things in photographs, crop them and make them into pieces of art…or use them as the stimulus for a works of another medium…that is the icing on the cake. and i thank the universe everyday that i can see the world in this way. it makes for a good life. Lisa Congdon of Bird in the Hand

alex at hygge house

Online since 1995, Alex was one of the first bloggers and has consistently been creating content, sites and communities to share stories that matter. In 2004 she created to finally embrace her Danishness by sharing thoughts and inspiration on living well and simply. In 2004 Alex Immigrated to America and currently resides in a very hygge 1925 Hunting Lodge in California’s Santa Monica Mountains.

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