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Hygge House General Policies

Q: What’s your policy on advertising and affiliate linking?
Hygge House is not a job for me – it’s a personal project that I do because I enjoy it. I created in 2004, long before you could make money or get free stuff, so that’s never been my motivation.

I am a 100% ad-free/sponsored-free blog. I do not do sponsored blog or social media posts at all. I do not accept advertising or payments for links/promotions at all.

This has always been an ad free blog so if I share something I like, you can trust that I really do. However, sometimes use an Amazon affiliate links in my posts and as of May 2017 I also sometimes use affiliate links for products I’ve actually bought on sites I really shop at (Nordstrom, Sephora, Anthropologie).

Affiliate links mean if you click on a link and purchase something, I can get a small financial kick back. It’s important to note: I don’t link to things I don’t buy/use and I don’t write posts based on those links. They’re added only after a post has been written and make sense for that post and for you. I only link to things I’ve bought and stores I’ve actually bought from.

Q: Can I use your photos on my blog?
Yes but please use only the photo(s) and not the entire entry. And please make sure to credit the photos clearly with “Photo from” and link back directly to the specific post (permalink) you took them from.

Technical, Blog & Design

Q: Who designed the blog?
I did! Well, technically I customized a WordPress theme from Themeforest. I’m a huge believer in both WordPress (have used it since 2002) and have found using themes helps me create the style/mood I want. I change the design about once a year or so.

I host my wordpress blog on Dreamhost. I’ve been a loyal customer since 1999 and run all my blogs with them. They’re inexpensive, they offer a lot of great services and their support has saved me (and the blogs) more than once. If you sign up and use the promo code ‘hygge’ you’ll save 19% on a year’s worth of hosting. Trust me, they make it very easy to do.

Q: What cameras do you use?
Generally, I use my iPhone 6 for Instagrams and some site photos. But as of November 2016 I’m using (and loving!) the Canon G7 because it’s so compact & easily fits into my jacket pocket or bag for travel. The video and photo quality is amazing and it’s a very affordable camera. Super easy to travel with.

Before 2015, I used the Canon Rebel T3  with the 35mm f/2 wide angle lens, 17-40 f/4 Ultra Wide Angle Zoom lens and the Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM Telephoto Lens.

Home Life

Q: What paint colors did you use in your house(s)?
I am a huge lover of Benjamin Moore’s “White Dove” paint. If you see a white room, that’s the colour. If you see a blue/grey paint, it’s Benjamin Moore’s “Paper White” which is another favourite. I always use low VOC.

Q: Where do you live?
As of April 2016, in Topanga Canyon, California just a few miles from Santa Monica and Malibu. After 10 years of city life, I finally got my dream of moving back into nature surrounded by the nature, wildlife and not much else. It’s heaven. (

As for April 2018, I moved back (for the 4th? time!) to Santa Monica, California. The fires, floods, road closures and isolation of Topanga became hard to manage with work and my dog. So I once again live by the beach in a 1930’s little home with two secret gardens. I’m happy to be back in a walkable/bikable city.

I have lived in: Denmark, England (London & Kent), Ireland (Cork), France (Chinnon), Canada (Lake Louise, Banff, Vancouver), New Zealand (Wellington, Dunedin, Queenstown), America (Seattle WA, Bowling Green KY, Franklin TN, Santa Monica CA, La Jolla CA, Santa Barbara CA, Carmel by the Sea CA, San Francisco CA, Philadelphia PA, Austin TX).

I’ve chronicled some of Hygge House Homes.

Q: Why do you move so much?
Good question! Since I was 18 I’ve lived in over 50 homes and since 2005 I’ve lived in 16. When I was younger I just wanted to travel and worked seasonally around the world. As I’ve become older I get recruited by companies to lead their content and social media teams so I’ve been moving since 2004 for work.

Personal Bits

Q: When’s your birthday?
February 17. Aquarius. But only the good bits.

Q: What kind of dog is Scout St Charming and how did you get her?
Scout St Charming is some kind of Jack Russel Terrier Mix. She was born in June 2012 and was seen living on the streets for the first two months of her life. Because she was so small and fast, no one could catch her. But luckily the non-profit, no-kill shelter DAWG did.

The next day, I went to DAWG looking for a large, male, older dog and I randomly saw this two month old, 4lb female that they had just brought in. It was literally love and first sight and I brought her home the next day. I never thought I’d love a little dog but she’s the perfect companion for me and goes pretty much wherever I go.

Beauty Product Favourites + Shops

Q: What are your favourite shops and sites?
See my favourites here.

Q: Hair: let’s talk about it.
I have naturally curly/wavy medium blonde hair that’s fine but there’s lots of it. I’m a disaster with styling it which is why I tend to keep it long and never change it. I can’t even plait it despite an obsession of YouTube plaiting videos circa 2014! So since 2005 I’ve seen the amazing Tracey Cunningham, co-owner of Meche Salon in Los Angeles about every 5-6 months for colour which is generally a few highlights around the front (mostly for volume since I like my hair on the natural/darker side).

For cuts, there’s no one better than Miles Jefferies, also at Meche. He keeps long hair long and knows how to deal with us curly girls by creating layers that grow out so beautifully. He makes it possible for my hair to air dry and look good!

I really only wash my hair 1-2X per week because it’s so dry and curly. I tend to also air dry it as much as possible and then go in with a curling iron just around the front or any crazy pieces to make it look OK. If I’m in a rush, I use my Dyson and its diffuser to speed things up. Or if I straighten my hair which is very rare, I use the blow dryer and a large round brush. And that’s it!

Q: Makeup and skincare favourites?
I’m always surprised that I get asked this one! I have pretty minimalistic routines for both but tend to favourite more money/time/effort on skincare than on makeup. I also try to go as natural or as organic as I can. I have dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin that likes to break out once in awhile (then leave a red mark forever) so gentle and natural just tend to work best for me – and I think I’ve found some true winners that I highly recommend.

Travel Recommendations

Q: Travel: can you recommend a hotel in…?
I travel a lot – both for business and pleasure. And I’m picky about where I stay whether it’s a luxury hotel, a little in or a home rental. So I’ve listed my favourite places to stay on a Pinterest Board and I often share my favourite guides, places to travel and tips on Hygge House.

Q: What is your favourite luggage & travel gear?
I keep an updated list on my pinterest board but you can also read this post for more details.

Q: Copenhagen Favourite places to see/do?
I’m slowly getting around to writing all of this but you can see my favourite things to do in Copenhagen here.

Q: Danish Favourites?
I’ve got a lot scheduled but in the meantime, here are some of my favourite things about Denmark

Below is a Google Map of all my favourite places in the world. So click through to your destination to see if there’s anything near you.