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I had mentioned that about the current colours in my home, my dislike of them but the decision to keep them. And I was certain there’d be no painting involved. However, the yellow colour in my bedroom is driving me insane (and it seems like yellow rooms drive others crazy as well). Besides, I really want to get the green duvet from Brocade and it wouldn’t go well. I need paler, greener, walls.

There are a couple of concerns for me when painting: low VOC and great colour availability. Usually low-voc paint doesn’t have that great of a colour choice or it’s hard to find. So I was excited to discover the wonderful Yolo Colorhouse. From their site:

What makes your paint environmentally-friendly?
VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are the solvents in most paints that evaporate and contribute to the depletion of the ozone. VOCs are also a part of the stinky odor in paint that is offensive and continues to off-gas which contributes to poor indoor air quality. YOLO Colorhouse® is formulated without the use of these solvents, as a result it is a 0 VOC and low odor, premium interior paint.

What is Green Seal® Certified?
Green Seal® is an independent non-profit setting standards for environmentally responsible products. Green Seal® certification is based on VOC content, the absence of chemicals (www.greenseal.org/standards/paints.htm), durability, performance and manufacturing practices. Green Seal® certification automatically qualifies YOLO Colorhouse® for LEED certified projects.

Offering large colour swatches is such a great idea; I’ve ordered a few to test. I’ll let you know how it works out.

alex at hygge house
alex at hygge house

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  1. March 15, 2007 / 3:45 PM

    Farrow & Ball have free wallpaper samples; you can buy hand painted sample cards of their paint. They offer sample pots of paint so you can try the colour before buying a large can. Plus they are in Canada.

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