My Austin, Texas Bungalow

My  Austin, Texas Bungalow

I had been going to Austin every year since 2002 for SXSW and during my visit in 2006, I began to seriously consider moving.

Working in Hollywood was beginning to wear on me and living in a condo in Santa Monica started to feel claustrophobic. So I did what many people in LA do when this happens: buy a home in Austin.

This was a 1941 Craftsman Cottage in a historic area of town. It had only one previous owner. When they passed away, their children sold it and that’s how it came to be mine.

It was my first time owning a home with a huge yard, shed and possibilities. The electric and pipes needing updating. All appliances had to be bought and walls needed painting.

I did a lot of yard work (which I loved) and my first “grown up” decorating (IE: Pottery Barn thanks to an outlet 30min away).

alex at hygge house

Online since 1995, Alex has been creating web sites to help people do and connect offline. She believes in living well, living simply and coffee as a verb. She immigrated to America in 1999 and currently resides in a very hygge 1925 Hunting Lodge in California’s Santa Monica Mountains.

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