Carmel by the Sea Flat

Carmel by the Sea Flat

I was asked by Apartment Therapy, San Francisco to do a home tour of my Carmel by the Sea home. Since I love the site and their home tours, I said yes! Unfortunately, I said yes during a really difficult period for Carmel.

We were hit with severe storms which often left me without power, destroyed a lot of the town, and made the city dark almost 24/7. It left me with little light to photograph and because of damage my flat kept sustaining, left me out of it entirely.

Storm after storm hit until finally the damage to my home and things was so severe that it became unlivable and I had to move out.

Because I never finished photographing my home and because there isn’t anything left to take photos of now, I told Apartment Therapy I wouldn’t be able to participate in their house tours. They liked enough of what they saw any way and recently ran, Alex’s Carmel House Home Tour” on their site.

Although I’d only been in the home a few months and had really only planned to be in it short term, it was interesting to look back on it after the storm and seeing that, despite the lack of time, I made a home. Which proves you don’t need to put in a lot of effort or things to make something hygge. You just need spirit.