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Seeing Patterns

15 Mar ’07

Flickr Favourites

I’m not one for collaging but when I looked at my favourites, I noticed a pattern of colours, shapes and things I love but have yet to incorporate into my life. When I was sick last month, I tore out pages of 5 years worth of magazines and glued them into a simple notebook. I realised then, too, that the styles I loved were not reflected in my home.

Because I so often thought about colour, design, furniture, style I thought I was living it and incorporating it into my life. That’s the danger when one thinks to much – like self-help books. You can read, read, read and think you get it, but the trick is to look around and see if you’re actually practicing what’s inside.

I wasn’t.

Though my home is nice, it’s in that nice “it could be anyone’s home” sort of way. I’ve had so many come over and say “I love your house, but it’s not what I expected from you.” After putting together some Flickr Favourites and creating a book of home/garden images I love, I realise how I live isn’t what I expect from me either.

So with taking on a second home shortly that’ll be just for me, I’m thinking very seriously about how my home can reflect me. What kind of statement it’ll make and how it’ll serve me. Thanks to picking out images and actually seeing it instead of just thinking it, it’ll be a lot easier to do.

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  • Reply Kim (OliveJuice)No Gravatar 26 Mar ’07 at 4:51 am

    Darn bloglines hasn’t been notifying me of your posts. I LOVE your thoughts here. I’ve been guilty of this too, as we are squished in a temporary space waiting for our home to be finished. I think I’ve been telling myself that it would be a waste to live how I feel I want too on the inside, since we were only here for a short while. But quite truthfully, it’s a waste NOT to. Thanks for writing these thoughts down. ;)

  • Reply Kristin NicholasNo Gravatar 26 Mar ’07 at 3:41 pm

    I love the combination of photos – The outdoor nature scenes, the still life interiors and and textiles. It looks like your own little magazine. Thanks.

  • Reply enuwyNo Gravatar 26 Mar ’07 at 9:49 pm

    I really do identify with this a lot – dreaming and living in one’s head and not noticing. Thanks for reminding me to get out of my head and work towards what I want :)

    On another point, I find that my flickr favs tend to vary across time depending on what I’m into, but I guess that yes, there is a sort of pattern to it all!

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