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  • Provence
    Danish Life Wanderlust

    Frenchless in France

    Currently enjoying Linda Mathieu’s Blog, Frenchless in France in which her guest blogger, Emily is doing a great job of sharing Provence. I’ve only ever been to Provence in the winter…

  • Decor Ideas

    European Book Covers

    One of my favourite things to do on my travels is to visit a bookstore for there’s something about British published books that are just spectacular. I’m not sure why there’s…

  • Paris
    French Life Wanderlust


    I’ll be heading to Paris shortly, a city I have mixed feelings about. I understand the greatness, the beauty, the history but I’m not exactly all that fond of it (although…

  • home emergency kit
    Everyday Hygge

    Power Outage

    About a quarter of my time in Carmel by the Sea has been spent without power for long periods of time (up to two days at one point). This isn’t something…

  • windows-800x533
    Danish Life

    Open Windows

    Walking around at night in Amsterdam you appreciate the enormous windows on the front of every building. You can see inside most of them, and see Dutch people eating their dinner,…

  • get whites clean
    Green Living

    How to Brighten Dingy Whites

    I have for years endured shared public laundry facilities in which the machines were old, dingy and overpriced. Not to mention all the weird washing liquid people used which would often…

  • Philadelphia Home on
    Decor Ideas

    Ikea Expedit Shelving Unit

    My first few flats were decorated in nothing but Ikea since I, like most people starting out, couldn’t afford anything else. I also had zero style and liked the pre-bought simplicity…

  • Wanderlust

    Change isn’t always bad.

    My secret beach in Carmel had beautiful, tall trees and flowers that kept trying to grow amongst the white sandy beaches. It was quiet, peaceful and beautiful. I’d go here when…