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  • Ribe, Denmark Bike
    Danish Life

    Danes just bike

    She doesn’t know how much it weighs. Nobody she knows or has ever met could tell you how much their bike weighs. Likewise, she doesn’t know how far she rides each…

  • img_0820

    Venice, California Canals

    In 1904, a man named Abbott Kinney came from the east in search of a better climate to help his health. He found Venice California, fell in-love, and decided to build…

  • Holistic Dog Care
    Cat + Dog

    Holistic Dog Care

    When the vet told me Jack needed surgery as soon as possible, I was instantly overwhelmed and felt completely unprepared. Even though my vet was fantastic at explaining all my options,…

  • 2520295550_a0ac17e63b_b
    Cookery Danish Life

    Coffee Break

    Scandinavians tend to drink the most coffee per capita although specialty, sweet, and flavoured coffees still aren’t as popular as in North America. The coffee here is usually bold, rich, dark…

  • glamour
    Fashion & Beauty


    “The contrast between what is glamorous now and what was glamorous in the days of Cary Grant and Norma Shearer says much about how American society has changed. Glamour used to…

  • Everyday Hygge


    Gray walls at Door Sixteen. I’ve always loved gray and have always kept my living room in different hues. Now I’m slightly obsessed with yellow and gray! Carpet America Recovery Effort…

  • HolidayHouse

    Carmel’s Romantic Hotel Holidays

    I’m asked a lot about staying in Carmel since I lived there for several months this past winter/spring and have stayed in several hotels there over the years. So I’ve decided…

  • Grace
    Cat + Dog Wanderlust

    Travelling With Pets

    Since I travel a lot and own both a cat and a dog, I’m often asked what happens to them. Do they travel, too? Why yes they do! I’m a huge…