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Packing for Summer Travels

August 4, 2013
Catalina Bag by Lo&Sons (Image by Lo&Sons)

Next week I am headed home to Denmark and, as I do with every trip, began planning about a week ago to make sure I have the right gear and clothes for the trip.

My thought process behind deciding what to bring was to ask myself will it:

  1. help me look like a local
  2. work for two weeks (wash easy, not wrinkle, hold up)
  3. be comfortable (especially during a 10hr flight with layovers!)
  4. work for summer (as I’ve almost always only gone back during winter for my birthday)
  5. go from day to night events and casual and fancy ones, too.

If it’s not yes to all those questions, it doesn’t get packed. And this helps me to always pack a carry on and also to make sure I have room for all the gear I own (15″ macbook pro laptop, DSLR camera, phone + its cables/chargers). The one area I overpack? Shoes. If you’re feet aren’t comfortable, no trip can be comfortable! I tend to not worry too much about weight as I fly business class and, on British Airways at least, they’re a lot more generous and forgiving of weight in that class.

I’ve had my tried and true bags that I have travelled with forever but for this trip, I purchased two new ones. One is the ‘Catalina Bag‘ by Lo and Sons which I discovered via SF Girl By Bay’s blog and it looks like it’ll be a fantastic bag -very roomy with still having some good structure. I also purchased a new bag for my camera. I’ve been debating about a ‘Bowery Bag‘ by Ona Bags but I wasn’t sure about the weight of it or having room for my DSLR and wallet/phone (I might change my mind on this… I debate!).

So if you’re curious to see what I’m packing for my trip, click through my individual pins below or visit my Pinterest Board, Packing For Summer In Europe. And if you want to learn about my in-flight beauty routine, read my post on what products I use here.

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    KerstinNo Gravatar
    August 7, 2013 at 5:11 AM

    Alex, I haven’t been here in a while, LOVE the new design! Makes me want to go back to the one-column layout (I always end up missing my sidebar, but then I see a site like this and think, hmmm, I like that a lot). I hope we can make our rendezvous work! Wishing you safe travels xo

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