Antonia’s Line

How I went so long without seeing it, I’ll never know. Loved. It.

Simply City one
Although I’m still in-love with my bike, this one looks really good.

World’s smallest postal service.
Wouldn’t it be interesting to get one of these in the post?

White Chocolate Gratin
Oh. Yes.

Plant Reference Book
Yet another great idea from Making it Lovely.

Prep for the Quake
I’m participating. I was in the Seattle Earthquake a few years ago and my building, across from the Starbucks that tumbled, went dark and all our manufacturing equipment, ladders, and desks fell whilst the floors went up and down. Scary and I had no idea what to do. Living so close to a major fault line now in LA, I’m changing that.


  1. Yikes! I could do without the nudity in the “Antonia’s Line” You-Tube video!

  2. Such pretty bicycles! Love the one you already have. Love the style of these bikes.

  3. Antonia’s Line is such a fantastic movie!! Even my husband enjoyed it…and he’s not usually into “those” kinds of movies. :)

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