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The Biking Life

I have been swooning, swooning, over my new bike – the Electra Amsterdam (which I just reviewed for Pet the Pretty Things). So much so that I keep it inside the flat, against a wall like a piece of art.

I’ve written in previous posts about how I don’t have a car nor do I go to a gym, instead relying on walking to get around and for exercise. However I have to add biking to that for now I’m getting to areas I couldn’t before and discovering a lot more of LA.

Example, this morning I finally made my way to Venice Beach. For years I’ve resisted going because it didn’t sound like a place I’d like to go and the hassle of parking always seemed far too much. But with an easy ride along the oceanside trails, I was there quickly and easily (and realised it wouldn’t have been worth the parking headache!).

I’m biking every morning now to my favourite coffee spot (Urth Cafe – a place I could before really only get to when I had the Flexcar) and also loading up my foldable side basket with groceries (with a reusable bag from Whole Foods of course). And I’m looking for any and every reason to bike anywhere else (and especially reason to ring my horn although truthfully, I still say, “beep beep.”)

Why it’s taken me over 3 years to get a bike in Santa Monica I’ll never know but the waiting paid off because I’ve found my perfect bike (complete with skirt guard – oh my) .



  1. JohannaNo Gravatar
    August 21, 2007 / 9:23 AM

    Hi, I just want to say that I have really enjoyed this site and found plenty of useful information and inspiration.

    You are a great writer and I love the fact that you put so much effort into everything you do. You will be missed! Regards Johanna

  2. August 21, 2007 / 12:29 PM

    I very rarely visit blogs and never comment, but yours is one of pleasure and inspiration for me. I hope you enjoy your break and come back rested and inspired.

  3. LisaNo Gravatar
    August 27, 2007 / 2:32 AM

    Love your site, sorry to see you go but after seeing your YouTube blog you do need a break, it is very different from this, depressing almost. Can’t wait until you’re back to the happy ‘Girl At Play’ that I see on your other sites. Good luck with your future!