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Graham Brown “Frames” Wallpaper

Graham Brown Fames Wallpaper

I just discovered Graham Brown Frames Wallpaper and reviewed it but I wanted to share it here because I think this is just the most amazing wallpaper idea ever {and I’ve never really been a huge fan of wallpaper}. I was able to see how a friend used this and was really, really impressed by how beautiful yet fun it was.

Having a lot of photos can be a challenge when trying to display them; I’m not a really huge frame fan and the nice ones can often be really expensive (especially if you want a series). So when I saw this I instantly saw millions of possibilities.

Instead of pasting photos on, I might put velcro bits in each “frame” and change the photos that way. I’m not sure exactly. All I know is that I’m itching to do this at some point.


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  1. August 19, 2007 / 8:04 PM

    I love this wallpaper!!! It looks like fun and I like your idea of switching out different photos.