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One coat of paint

Austin Texas Hygge House

It’s said so much that it can sometimes lose importance but what an amazing difference a coat of paint can do. My office was yellow. Not a charming, sweet yellow or a cosy Tuscan yellow but some kind of “I can’t be anything but cranky” yellow. And with this room receiving so much sun, the yellow became unbearably bright and always made me feel hot.

Step in paint.

Wanting a colour that would blend in well with the rest of the house as well as be cooler but still have warmth, I went looking for the perfect pale blue. Pensive Sky from Behr was really close as was both Tradewind and birdbath from Sherwin-Williams. Howeer, they weren’t quite right.

Practicing Feng Shui (minus crystals and Asian decor) meant my office was located in the “Helpful People/Travel” section (how appropriate!) and the best colour for this area was gray. However, I worried that gray would be too drab, boring and cold and stayed away until, insert squeals, I found the perfect blue with gray in the name – Light French Gray by Behr!

I confess to being nervous about painting the room despite hating the colour that was there; I’ve painted rooms where the colour has gone horrible wrong (a bad Peptobismal pink and a red that would scare everyone). But it’s true what they say about paint – if you don’t like it, just paint over it. It’s the cheapest way to transform a room.

And with just two coats, that’s exactly what happened.

The room instantly felt cooler, bigger, cosier and a little more… well.. French. A perfect blend of relaxed and sophistication.

Adding white curtains, a white desk and white shelving to the room will help keep it fresh yet simple. Working in a pale blue couch, some silver frames with my artwork and some kind of rug to tie it all in will make it mine. Not too shabby I must say for my first office space.

It’s was really good to spend a month in the space without doing anything – not even buying a pencil holder. Understanding what I wanted, how I would work and what would impact me the most in terms of change has made not only the room come together but truly my office. Though I’ve taken inspiration from Alicia’s lovely blue to the gray walls in this magazine, combing all the elements has created a space that reflects who I am as a person and as a business. And that’s truly Hygge!

Now, the trick is to not go on and paint the whole house. Despite the fact the bedroom is calling out to me…