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Preparing a room

I have been in my office three weeks now and during this time it has remained in a sorry state; it’s the last of the rooms to be done and boxes from other rooms have somehow found their way in here. I’m working off and old rickety table with temporary shades that keep the room dark and not very inviting. But, there’s a reason why I’ve taken time with one of the more important rooms in the home; I wanted to sit in it for awhile to get an understanding of what I want the room to be like, how the light flows, what things I need for projects and so forth. And after awhile of working round the clock and surfing for furniture, I’m slowly but surely coming to an understanding of what to do.

West Elm BookcaseObviously the office is a place to work so with writing supplies, books, photo supplies, printing, mailing and so forth, I am in need of lots of storage. However, having lots of storage in view can sometimes overwhelm me and can often get too cluttered (and not in that cool arty way I often admire). Also, since clients and friends will be coming into this room I need to have a place for everything as not to scare them off because of projects all over the floor. For my storange needs I’m using the Elfa Shelving system in my closet (and in every other closet in my home – I love this product!) so that much of the storage can be tucked away and, with my sometimes messy ways, I won’t have to worry about seeing it. But I do have to have things out of the closet such as my printer and some books so the West Elm 3 X 2 bookcase in white is the perfect size to fit between my doorways and to house my very large printer on top and books, magazines and what not below. I love that it’s on wheels; it gives it an airy feeling and I want light and airy in this room.

Ikea-DeskTableTopIkea-TablelegsAlthough generally not a fan of Ikea (reminds me too much of my twenties and most things only lasted a few years until they went binned), one of their combination tables (where you select the legs and table top) caught my eye for several reasons. The glass top has space underneath for storing papers, pictures and projects without having them all over the top. The legs hold baskets, books and storage as well which makes for a great clutter free workspace (in theory, anyway!). Multipurpose for around $150. And, if at some point I decide I need something large or different, I can easily transform these pieces into something else without having to worry about all the money I spent.

Pottery Barn LoveSeatSeating is important for not just me (I adore my Herman Miller Chair) but for clients, friends and those times when I need to curl up and read a book or magazine for inspiration (tough life, I know). Opposite the desk area and against a wall, I’m thinking of putting a little sofa or setee. I’ve found a very comfy loveseat; orginally $1200 that is currently $250. It’s slipcovered in a pale blue so I don’t have to be afraid of keeping it clean or putting my feet up on it. The size is perfect but I worry about it being perhaps a little too large or a little too family room. I have also fallen in love with a French Setee from the late 1800’s that just made its way to one of my favourite antique shoppes. However, at $1800 I question the value of it although I think it’s perfect. Perhaps I’ll figure out a way to make that purchase logical…

ikea-curtainsCurtains are where things get a bit tricky; needing something for privacy but wanting to let in some light, I’m looking at white curtains but not necessarily sheers. I also have ten foot ceilings so finding curtains of at least 108″ is tricky enough and keeping the cost down (as I’d need four panels) seems to be even trickier. Crisp white against the pale blue colour I’m thinking of would work wonderful and compliment the furniture. The ones pictured to the left are from Ikea and I used to use them in a bedroom but I think might work well in here. Until the Ikea opens up next month I’ll keep looking just in case something else pops up as I’m not entirely convinced.

The current colour is a pretty yellow which, in the bedroom, is really appealing. Not so much in this room because it already receives so much light that the brightness seems to keep me from feeling like working. I work best in cosy, slightly cold temperatures which is perhaps why I often work at night. So the first thing to change will be the wall colour. Inspired by Alicia’s beautiful blue (Behr’s Pensive Sky), I’m leaning in that direction although I might go with Sherwin Williams Harmony├é┬« Interior Latex Paint in Tradewind (as seen in the November Cottage Living Inspiration House) or Birdbath. The Harmony line is an eco-friendly, low-VOC paint which is perfect since this is a room I’ll be spending a lot of time in, air quality makes a difference. I am, however, also draw to grey walls like those found in Parisian flats but the blue might be a bit more cosy. We’ll see on that.

My office is important to me; it’s the first one I’ve ever had and I want it to reflect who I am and what I do. I want it to feel creative but professional; tidy but playful. Clean but cosy. I want it to be.. what’s the word… Hygge!