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Santa Barbara Cottage on HyggeHouse.com

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Leonardo da Vinci

Go into any Danes home and you will more than likely see a lot of things but almost never see clutter. There will be artwork all over the walls and against the floors, furniture passed down and bits of history on shelves. Closets will be full. But somehow, it’s always a visual treat instead of overload. My mother has this perfected.

I don’t. I am the French girl who loves simplicity. Who favours great architecture that is enhanced with fabric and a few key pieces. I like white walls and calm shades. I like obvious simplicity but completely appreciate a fuller place. In fact, I’m often in awe of it.

Being simple has served me well since I tend to move so much and I have a dislike of shopping. But the trick for me is how to keep simple cosy instead of cold. How do I seem like I live in a place instead of just in it temporarily? I’m slowly finding the answers in spending money on good, large pieces (couch, tables and art), fabric (I love over sized swooping curtains) and not being so hesitant in bringing out little touches (like my childhood piggy bank made from a Danish Post Box).

But still, I often find the need to purge – once in the spring and once during winter. A good clean out of clothes, books, kitchen bits and anything else that just needs to go. I’ll sell things on eBay, have friends pick out things, and donate everything else to the Goodwill (they even take unusable clothes as they sell it for material – recycling!). I’m going through one of these moments now and being ruthless in what I’m getting rid of.

It’s easy for a home to collect so many unused and unwanted things thanks to impulse buys, sales, gifts and hand me downs. But how much of these things do we actually use, need or love?

I perhaps take simple living to an extreme and really do like exploring the mass of things my mother owns but I think everyone no matter what their style can do with a good pairing down now and then. Keep the cosy but remove the clutter. Get rid of things with negative associations, things that don’t work, duplicates, broken items, useless things so that you can enjoy what you really have.