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Social Networks

Sometimes the web can be overwhelming; there’s so many places to share information, to sign up for, to be present in, to update and to follow. Sometimes it’s not enough just to follow a blog; there’s their facebook, twitter, tumblr, shop and momma’s account to also follow, too. I’ve struggled with this personally – not just from a reader’s point of view but from a blog-owners. Where should I be? What should I say? How do I find the time to update them all?

I resisted adding social networks to a lot of my sites for a long time for all those reasons. But it wasn’t until this year when I realised that I digest information in different ways that I began to add different networks under the Hygge House name.

For example, I find Twitter great for retweeting what others are saying, for quickly sharing links & info or having direct convos. Facebook is great for sharing all the links & discoveries I make that wouldn’t warrant a whole blog post. And YouTube/Vimeo, well, there’s a lot of beautiful films being made now that I can’t help but favourite and those networks are great for doing just that.

So with that, I have created social accounts for Hygge House. If you have the same sensibilities and likes as I, and you are on these networks, then feel free to connect with me elsewhere and, if you have something to share, please share it with me. After all, it’s called social networking for a reason.

PS: I’m updating/redesigning this site, so please excuse any issues you find – I’m working on it.