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I’ll be heading to Paris shortly, a city I have mixed feelings about. I understand the greatness, the beauty, the history but I’m not exactly all that fond of it (although one of my favourite hotels ever, The Four Seasons Hotel George V, is there)and actually try to pass it over each time I return to France. But this time, I will find myself there for several days and will try to see it in a different light.

Yes, I think perhaps I might have been a little harsh on Paris in my previous post; it’s not that I really dislike Paris it’s just that there are so many other places I’d rather go because my interests are a little different than what most go to Paris for. But I will play local for a few days and so I have been trying to discover things to do that haven’t been done before.

Here’s a list of things I’ve come up with thus far (and welcome any suggestions):

Velib Bike Hire: Very excited about this as I do adore riding and this is a handy and inexpensive way to get around town. it’s self catering so you can just pick up the bike in one area of town and drop it off at another.

Paris Greeters: Free walking tours provided by locals: you state your interests and some criteria and are matched up with a local who will take you around. This is such a great idea because travelling alone can often be isolating and I really do love meeting people because that’s a huge part of travel for me.

Paris Walks: I’m interested in the Chocolate and The Marais Circuit.

Musée Jacquemart-André: I do have a weakness for beautiful homes and tea.

Versailles: I’ve actually never been but have been wanting to go for some time. There are many tours that go out but it’s easy to get there on your own via train and might make a good day trip for me.

Mont-St-Michel: So not in Paris at all but I’ve always wanted to go and am trying to find a good tour to take me out there as taking the train doesn’t seem such a good way to go at this time of year.

The Louvre: I feel slightly embarrassed to admit that in all my trips to Paris I have never gone inside. This time I think I just might.

Chantal Thomass Boutique: Sophia wrote this up in Girls Guide to City Life and it just sounds like my kind of shop.

Fauchon: When I saw a photo of this place via Seattle Bon Vivant (who loves Paris so much!) I instantly put it on my to do.



  1. athenaNo Gravatar
    February 6, 2008 / 4:50 PM

    alex, i have been on the notre dame and montmartre paris walks a few years ago, and they were really great! i highly recommend them. 🙂

  2. February 6, 2008 / 5:22 PM

    Have you heard about the Segway Tours? They really are fun. You can rent them at Mike’s Fat Bike Tours. They also do bike ride out to Versailles. I’d give you a walking tour if I were going to be here. I once did an article on cool hotels to stay at in Paris. Let me know if you would like my list.

  3. February 6, 2008 / 5:39 PM

    Your ideas sound very good! I’m a fan of the Jacquemart-Andre as well.

    You might consider walking around Luxembourg gardens with a stop for tea or hot chocolate (ancien style) at Bread and Roses bakery. Also, you’ve probably already hit the Amelie film locations in Monmartre but that’s fun for those who haven’t. I always try and fit in a Seine cruise at night and a below ground jazz club. Have fun on your trip!

  4. February 8, 2008 / 7:04 PM

    Go to a book reading at one of the anglo bookstores: The Red Wheelbarrow and Shakespeare are two – it’s a really good way to meet interesting people. Hang on I have a list…

  5. February 11, 2008 / 6:20 PM

    My favorite things in Paris were Sacre Coeur, the catacomb tours (if you’re into the macabre), and the Louvre.

  6. February 19, 2008 / 8:53 AM

    I’m wondering: How do you afford your travels? Any secrets to share?

  7. Hygge HouseNo Gravatar
    May 12, 2008 / 1:30 PM

    Thank you everyone for your tips! I tried a lot of them out and was especially fond of Hotel Particulier which I’ll have to dish about. Just so beautiful!