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Can a washer and dryer change your life? Yes!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had to use coin operated washing and drying machines which meant that often my clothes would go missing or come out not so clean. The old machines would leave smells that weren’t mine and it seemed almost futile to use “free” detergents (free of chemicals and perfume) for my sensitive skin since other people always put in bleach in for their clothes. And, of course, there was always the need for quarters and always being one short.

So when faced with a new home and having to purchase a new washer and dryer, I seized the opportunity to really find a great set that would suit my needs.

My requirements?

– Energy Efficient for both electricity and water
– Front Loading (these are the best for water efficiency)
– Quiet (I live in a small place)
– Relatively inexpensive for what I was asking for.
– Easy to use (I don’t want 15 programmable digits that take me 10 years to figure out)

After reading through Consumer Reports, asking friends and going to several different stores, I decided on the Kenmore HE3T Washer and HE4 Dryer.

What I love about these are the designs (the colours – I got white with a black trim), the fact that they can be stackable (saves room!) and rated really high for energy efficiency (the washer costs about $16/yr to operate). But what sold me was that they have their own water heater, thus allowing for a “sanitary cycle” which gets the water temperature so high, that it kills most bacteria and mites – so you don’t have to use bleach!

This was important to me because I have a pet, I have allergies, I live in an old home and I’m coming from a flat that had dust issues. My stuff was dirty and smelly and I really needed to get stuff clean but I don’t like harsh chemicals. Perfect!

The machine is smart; it can weigh the load and calculate how much time it’ll take. It has several pre-programmed cycles that you can customise yourself but I just press the cycle and start – I’m an easy girl. It has a separate compartment for detergent, bleach and softener and puts them in accordingly. It tells you how much time it’ll take, how much is left and what cycle its on.

And while it’s going? It’s so quiet!! I often questioned if it was on.

It holds a lot; I put in a duvet cover, 2 sets of sheets, 4 pillow cases, four very big couch pillow covers and something else. No problem.

I put in several white slip covered sofa cushions that were not white anymore. I had washed them previously but was unable to get that dark, dingy yellow out. However, after a spin on the sanitary cycle, they came out like brand new – perfectly white and ready for use. That alone sold me as I was thinking I’d have to purchase new slip covers for sure at a cost of about the machine.

The dryer is also quiet, easy to use and huge; holding all the duvets, pillow cases and sheets easily and drying them quickly, too.

For me, it’s a match made in heaven!