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Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Q: Can “lazy environmentalism” really make a difference?
A: Yes! Most people – myself included – will only take actions that plug into their lifestyles. I care about water and energy conservation, for example, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to take shorter showers. Now, if someone comes up with a gadget that lets me use less energy or water without changing my behavior, I’ll buy it. That’s lazy environmentalism: finding solutions that are grounded in the reality of how we live.” 

– Josh Dorfman, The Lazy Environmentalist.

Green talk is all over the place and knowing where to start can be overwhelming and expensive. Not all of us can put on solar panels or buy beautiful clothing made out of eco-friendly material. I do my best to really be green mostly for my health – the cost of health care in America is insane so anything I can do to prevent it, organically, is cheaper than a trip to the doctor or long term care. But I also do it because of the environment.

Where should a person start? I really believe it’s with your home – get your place clean the green way. Then I’d go organic with food (I highly encourage you to buy organic milk, dairy, and meat products. antibiotic’s and hormones affect our health significantly). But just greening the air you breathe and the clothes you clean can make a huge difference and it won’t break the bank.

One of the things that got me to switch so many years ago was when I bought some organic food and put it on the counter I had just cleaned with a spray that had 1.5 million chemicals in it. So despite having organic fruit, it was now sitting on gunk. I have always had sensitive skin and laundry was a nightmare until I switched.

The great news is that you can find organic cleaning products everywhere – even Target! And they’re not more expensive than the general especially when you take into consideration what the chemical products can do to your health and environment long term.

With that, here are my favourite cleaning green products:

  • Bon Ami: I use this on counter tops, my kitchen skin, bathtub and on all my stainless steel pots and pans. It’s usually around $1 and cleans everything without being abrasive. Safe for septics. And they’re celebrating their 120th anniversary!
  • biokleen Automatic Dish Powder: Most green dishwasher cleaners don’t work but this one does.
  • Bac-out: I have used this on delicate silk shirts and on carpet stains. It really does get out everything from ink, to chocolate to pet stains. I am never without it
  • EO Handsoap: I love this brand because the smells are amazing (I love, love, the lavender) and also because you can buy a 32oz refill container for your smaller pumps. EO’s lavender bath gel is also my go-to for my bath.
  • ChemFree Toilet Cleaners: Put one in your toilet for a couple of months and have a chemical-free way of keeping your bowl clean.
  • Seventh Generation Natural Liquid Laundry 2X Concentrates: I used to not be able to use fragrance products but this is so gentle. I love it especially on bedding.
  • Ecco Mist Lavender Room Mist: Generally not a fan of mists or room sprays because the scents are always off, it takes a lot of chemicals to get it to spray and most scents don’t actually work. But I love this one and keep it handy. It’s non-aerosol and the aluminum cans can be recycles.
  • Earth Friendly Products Oxo-Brite: (for getting dingy clothes white)
  • Method Lavender & Juniper Infused Dryer Softners: I generally prefer to just use dryer balls but these are a great addition for those who like to use a dryer sheet. They have naked ones too for those who are extra sensitive.
  • Method Hardwood Floor Cleaner: I like using this on my floors although I confess to not being that keen on the scent. But it does a great job.
  • Caldrea Lavender Pine Dish Soap Liquid: The scent in this makes me swoon and it gets out grease like nobodies business.
  • Wave Jet Rinse Aid: helps your dishwasher get gunk out of dishes.
  • Ecos Delicate Wash: I hand wash a lot of things and always use this.
  • Dyson DC14 The Animal Vacuum: Did you know that the average person replaces their vacuum every 7 years? I had bought inexpensive vacuums forever that always failed. This hasn’t let me down. In fact, it has saved me from having pet hair all over and keeping allergies at bay. It really, really works and the 25 year warranty? Take it!

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    May 22, 2008 / 8:39 PM

    Caldrea is nice but very expensive.