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Greener Delivery

Image by nynne-schrode

Most of my shopping is done online because I’m generally not a shopper and drugstores, malls and Target freak me out. Not to mention people yelling at me from across the store, “HEY HOW ARE?”

But with all the home delivery comes a lot of waste; I cannot tell you how many things I’ve gotten from Amazon that are small but come in a huge, huge box. I try to recycle the boxes by breaking them down and putting them in bins (or reusing them for moving which seems to be every 3 months!) but still, it adds up. And despite being a rather green girl, I never really thought about a solution to this.

Luckily, Jasmin aka The Worsted Witch has. I love the note she includes when she places her order:

Please use minimal and recycled packaging. Kindly do not include any catalogs, inserts, flyers, shrinkwrap, bubble wrap, packing confetti, plastic “pillows,” or styrofoam peanuts. (You can use crumpled up newspaper if padding is necessary.) Please do not include me in any mailing lists or exchange lists you may have. Thank you!