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Renters are Nesters, too.

Renters are Nesters, too.

I just read a wonderful article on Renters are Nesters by the lovely Anh Minh and I realised that despite saying this for years, I don’t think I ever really committed to the idea.

Until now.

Every weekend this year has been filled with things to do. So much so that I have literally not had one weekend at home to rest. It’s been filled with travel, moving, packing, moving, guests, working, landscaping etc. For a girl who likes to putter, it has been too much.

So this weekend I made sure that the calendar was bare – no events, no company, nothing to do. Nothing, that is, except to putter.

I’ve done my walk to the Farmers Market, picked up some curtains for the dining room, had my nap after falling asleep whilst reading magazines (I haven’t read 1 magazine in 2 months despite 7 flights!) and just put some tea on. Now, here I sit for the very first time, in my office, at my desk. Oh, it’s good.

Sitting in the office I look out the huge window in which brightly coloured violet flowers cover it and I can see people walking past. It feels so good to have this space and I’m glad I made the decision to get this flat instead of a little studio as originally intended.

I thought that, as a single person, I just needed a studio – after all I do adore small spaces and two of my favourite flats were studios (one in Vancouver BC and one on the water in Seattle WA). So when I saw this very large two bedroom with a long hallway no less, I thought twice about it despite the fact I was instantly smitten with it and it was in the same building I had lived before. I think subconsciously I though a studio was what a single person renting ought to have until I realised that was completely ridiculous – why self-punish?

The two bedroom has a dedicated studio (and guest room, actually, since people always find reason to come to L.A.!), a gorgeous, old fashioned bathroom (with separate tub and shower no less), crown moulding, beautiful large windows (9 in total), hardwood floors, two entrances and a fire place. It’s a home.

This is the first place in years in which I can honestly say feels like me. When people come over they all say, “this space is so you” Even with minimal furniture, the vibe is me. It’s home. I’m here to nest.


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  1. September 16, 2007 / 6:14 PM

    what a sweet kitchen scene, Alex! Your description of your new flat (crown moulding, 9(!) large windows, hardwood floors …) really conveys how smitten you are with your nest. Good for you for just creating the time to make it your own and to putter. Happy future puttering to you — may you have many more weekends to enjoy your home.